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From Ciprian Ciubotariu <>
Subject Re: Renaming packages to org.apache.brooklyn
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2015 12:36:50 GMT
So far, I have found that the Apidoc REST links have changed, but the rest of 
the URLs remained the same. Maybe issue #3 is not a real problem, and I was 
mislead by a test case.

Updated PR #755. All tests pass.

On Saturday 18 July 2015 19:45:09 Ciprian Ciubotariu wrote:
> As part of the apache process, brooklyn needs to rename its packages with
> the org.apache prefix. I have already started the process and refactored
> some projects.
> My branch for this effort is
>, based on
> the master 0.8.0 branch, from which I will regularly create PRs.
> As I am approaching the core packages, the core API is bound to change more
> and more. I hope you will support my efforts by attempting to process the
> current PR queue, reviewing my PRs in this regard and maybe adding your own
> efforts to this refactoring.
> I suggest that the the first 0.8.x releases be used to weed out issues
> related to the rename, while allowing the brooklyn community (downstream
> projects, etc) to catch up. (They will have to adapt to the new naming
> scheme when 0.8.0 gets released)
> So far, the most sensitive issues I encountered are:
> 1. YAML blueprints that contain classnames
> 2. migration of persisted names
> 3. REST endpoints that change their URLs
> For #1, we can either change the YAML files to add the org.apache prefix, or
> choose a naming scheme that does not publicize the class package name (like
> URNs, or even the old naming scheme).
> For #3, I would choose to update the REST service consumers to the new
> resource paths (i.e. /v1/apidoc/
> becomes /v1/apidoc/ and
> have the clients adjust their code for 0.8.0.
> I await your comments and advice on how to handle these issues (and maybe
> other problems that I have not yet encountered).
> Ciprian

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