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From Martin Harris <>
Subject Re: Refactoring JcloudsLocation
Date Wed, 10 Jun 2015 02:20:17 GMT
On 10 Jun 2015 05:10, "Aled Sage" <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'd like to do a major refactor of our class
> *brooklyn.location.jclouds.JcloudsLocation*. However, I suggest we try to
> get a 0.7.0 release soon, and then do this refactoring.
> _*Current issues*_
> The class has grown very big (2642 lines, including comments and white
> space).
> The class has many responsibilities, which include:
>  * VM creation
>  * jclouds Template / TemplateOptions creation, for tailoring what VM
>    to create
>  * Retries and concurrency control, for VM creation
>  * Post-processing of VM (e.g. extracting most appropriate ip/port)
>  * VM customisation - for user creation
>  * VM customisation - other, e.g. generating/setting hostname, open
>    iptables, populating ~/.ssh/authorizedKeys, etc.
>  * JcloudsMachineLocation construction (to represent the created VM)
> The class is hard to customise. There is a
> brooklyn.location.jclouds.JcloudsLocationCustomizer, which provides hooks
> for customising the provisioning process - it has six callbacks, i.e. six
> interception points where the behaviour can be customised. These cover many
> use-cases, but there are other use-cases that require intercepting at other
> points.
> Sub-classing is poorly documented and potentially brittle. For example, in
> advanced-networking [1], it sub-classes JcloudsLocation to intercept
> behaviour at appropriate points to set up private networks /
> port-forwarding. We don't want to permanently support every protected
> method as part of a "public" API. We want a more thought-out approach to
> intercepting / augmenting behaviour. We want a clear statement about the
> backwards compatibility guarantees we'll give for sub-classing.
> There is quite complicated if-else behaviour. That would be very hard to
> remove entirely (e.g. user creation + credentials is controlled by several
> config keys, which thus requires if-else). However it could likely be
> simplified. For example, windows versus linux differences could be
> extracted into separate classes - the decision is made once, and then the
> behaviour is different in each class.
> _*Proposal*_
> We should separate out responsibilities into separate classes. We should
> use patterns, such as the "strategy", "command" and "factory" patterns, to
> inject behaviour.
> The injection should be customisable, so that power-users can customise
> the behaviour (e.g. by replacing a given strategy class).
> Of the "responsibilities" listed above, some of those fit nicely into the
> refactoring (e.g. extract the "user creation" code into its own class).
> Others map nicely to a cleaner separation of methods (e.g. concurrency
> control not embedded in the middle of the method).
> Others fit into a general "post-provisioning customisation" phase, which
> could be its own class.
> _*Next steps*_
> Let's get 0.7.0 GA out of the door first.
> I'm concious that the proposal above is vague, and a cynic could play
> buzz-word bingo with pattern names.
> However, if there's general agreement that this refactoring is worth
> while, then let's do some incremental improvements (e.g. starting with
> extracting into separate classes), and do a detailed review in the pull
> requests.
> Aled
> [1]

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