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From Alex Heneveld <>
Subject Re: Plan for releasing Brooklyn 0.7.0?
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2015 13:51:46 GMT



On 16/06/2015 10:00, Aled Sage wrote:
> Hi all,
> I propose we aim for a 0.7.0 very soon. There is a huge amount of new 
> material, both since 0.7.0-M2 and since 0.6.0! I see no reason to 
> delay for any other features.
> I suggest the following timetable:
>  * By end of day Friday 19th, all pull requests for 0.7.0 are submitted
>    and merged.
>    Switch master to 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT; release/fixes continue on 0.8.x 
> branch.
>  * By end of Sunday 21st, have done QA on master (and then on 0.8.x,
>    after that branch is created). Some manual, and also running +
>    looking at the integration and live tests. We should fix and/or
>    triage as appropriate.
>  * On Monday 22nd, produce a 0.7.0 release candidate.
>  * Community vote, and seek +1 from mentors (minimum 3 days, though
>    longer if community/mentors report problems).
>  * Vote on incubator-general (minimum 3 days, though longer if problems
>    are reported).
> This will be our first Apache binary release (the 0.7.0-M2 release was 
> a source-only release).
> ---
> Volunteers please to review PRs, and to investigate any failures in 
> integration + live tests.
> Aled

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