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From Alex Heneveld <>
Subject Changing git history -- question for mentors
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2015 14:04:35 GMT

Brooklyn Mentors-

We have a few early (years ago, pre-incubation) commits which included 
some large binaries which were then removed.  A consequence of this is 
that a `git clone` is much larger than it should be, taking hours 
instead of minutes sometimes to download and discouraging participation.

Is there a way we can excise these dumb and costly commits in the history?

For good reason committers shouldn't and can't do `git push -f` (as 
discussed below), but in this case it seems warranted to have an 
appropriate admin person make the change.


On 22/01/2015 17:23, aled sage wrote:
> Hi Svet,
> I'm not sure if it's possible to do a `git push -f` on an apache repo. We
> should check with mentors and/or infrastructure whether that is impossible
> (or strongly discouraged).
> We'd want there to be almost no PRs, and lots of notice to users, before we
> did this if we go down that road.
> I agree it would be good if those files were not in the repo history!
> Whether it's worth the price, I'm not sure.
> Aled
> On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 2:36 PM, Svetoslav Neykov <
>> wrote:
>> Having cloned the brooklyn repo a number of times over the last days I was
>> curious why it's so big. As expected there are a number of binary files,
>> probably unmodified since their first commit, having been deleted a long
>> time ago polluting the history.
>> Here's a summary of the largest offenders:
>> All sizes are in kB's. The pack column is the size of the object,
>> compressed, inside the pack file.
>> size   pack   SHA                                       location
>> 57722  57718  01760133fa9dedc811762019a2aaa691bbe61988
>> monterey-example/src/main/resources/booking-mvc.war
>> 23917  23905  d0b52371d4ba447ee9b0f882854b4b5d4d39147f
>> monterey-example/src/main/resources/jboss-booking.war
>> 23915  23903  4f6c7f01e0f49c5e3574d648bcab991f7cab5236
>> monterey-example/src/main/resources/monterey-booking-as7.war
>> 21737  20984  ab9740889e11e06df060595684c2bd803c1baac1
>> examples/simple-nosql-cluster/src/main/resources/cumulusrdf-0.6.1-pre.jar
>> 20988  20993  04a0a6fd94873543cfec769b5a272bbe36f0a914
>> examples/simple-nosql-cluster/src/main/resources/cumulusrdf.war
>> 12124  12119  7ccd0ef45879c78941575d47a8521eef49b0b704
>> sandbox/examples/src/main/resources/swf-booking-mvc.war
>> 7642   7063   0249fd11430b461f918e2b95adb52425caf81230
>> gemfire/lib/gemfire-
>> 7217   7219   9d384383e5542b04ca2b6332aedba92bc92bc5bb
>> examples/simple-nosql-cluster/src/main/resources/cumulusrdf.war
>> 2431   2428   5d7d1216a4276d82c3fabdfa25852e527e1bf78e
>> monterey-example/src/main/resources/booking-mvc.war
>> 2430   2427   9fc9f74223ed9704e91810d5dd9fe79d41ff4b84
>> com.cloudsoftcorp.monterey.brooklyn/src/main/resources/booking-mvc.war
>> The only sane way to delete them without losing the history is to rewrite
>> it with the big-file-commits excluded. This has the downside that any PRs
>> or cloned repositories will need manual intervention after the changes.
>> I think it's worth the effort of removing them, having in mind the benefit
>> of shrinking the repo to a few MBs in long run. There's never a "right"
>> moment to do such a change, but the more it is delayed, the worse it
>> becomes. So what are the thoughts of the community?
>> Svet.

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