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From Aled Sage <>
Subject Re: AWS Fails to start
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2015 17:41:30 GMT

There should be more info earlier in the log about the full jclouds 
"template" being used (including instance type, AMI, etc). Could you 
post that here please?

If the "specified instance type" that has been auto-selected by 
brooklyn/jclouds now requires a VPC, then perhaps others can reproduce 
by explicitly choosing the same options as were in that template.


On 10/04/2015 13:14, Alex Heneveld wrote:
> I've confirmed AWS is working as normal for me.
> Robert, this suggests something with your local setup, or more worryingly
> something with your account.  Could AWS have switched a default on some
> accounts so that new machines require VPC and thus add'l setup to use them?
> Good to chase this down as if the latter it will affect people getting
> started with Brooklyn.
> Best
> Alex
> On 10 April 2015 at 10:32, Robert Moss <>
> wrote:
>> Hey,
>> After pulling from master today, I am unable to deploy anything to AWS.  My
>> properties file is unchanged.
>> Has anyone encountered this error before:
>> Error invoking start at BasicApplicationImpl{id=QClWJ8Z3}: Error invoking
>> start at MySqlNodeImpl{id=SbTHpjaK}:
>> request POST HTTP/1.1 failed with
>> code
>> 400, error: AWSError{requestId='efe77bfa-b73d-40b2-82e2-8660492fb86b',
>> requestToken='null', code='VPCResourceNotSpecified', message='The specified
>> instance type can only be used in a VPC. A subnet ID or network interface
>> ID is required to carry out the request.', context='{Response=, Errors=}'}
>> Robert

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