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From Duncan Grant <>
Subject Re: Softlayer max name length
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2015 14:19:59 GMT
After extensive testing it would appear that anything up to 55 chars seems
to be fine.  Between 56-58 characters you could jclouds exceptions while
provisioning.  From 59 chars up to around 80 ish you get a provisioned
machine with no hostname and if you set the chars at higher than 100(ish)
you get an error saying that the maximum length had been exceeded.

I'll create a PR with a 55 character limit but I'd appreciate it if someone
else could test this before it is merged.


Thanks for the feedback - I don't keep my logs for long but I'll have a
look the next time it happens.



On 2 February 2015 at 10:50, Sam Corbett <>

> For issue with the Bind entity you might like to look for strings matching
> these messages in your debug log:
> "Skipped update of {} when service state is {} and running is {}"
> "Member {} of {} does not have an SSH location so will not be configured"
> It also logs "updating with entities: <list>" which will indicate whether
> your missing entities were ever under consideration.
> Sam
> On 02/02/2015 09:25, Duncan Grant wrote:
>> I agree, it's really annoying. The hostname resolves to "(none)" , which I
>> assume means there isn't one set.
>> I'll do some testing on the maximum size.
>> Ambari does a test when it starts that the hostname resolves to the
>> machines ip and refuses to start if it doesn't.  For softlayer I currently
>> use the binddns entity to make the hostnames resolve, although I'm finding
>> this a bit hit and miss - sometimes all my entities get configured
>> properly
>> and sometimes one or two won't have a dns entry - I assume this is a
>> timing
>> issue but I haven't looked into it at the moment.
>> On 31 Jan 2015 23:55, "Aled Sage" <> wrote:
>>  Hi Duncan,
>>> That's annoying, and surprising! Is there no hostname set at all, or a
>>> non-unique hostname?
>>> Do you know if the previous max length of 30 is the cut-off for hostname
>>> being set on the VM? Maybe we could choose a number significantly bigger
>>> than 30 but still not too big?
>>> For Ambari, does it need a hostname that can be resolved from other VMs
>>> or
>>> just a non-empty hostname?
>>> (in some clouds for some apps, we ended up running a DNS server so that
>>> hostnames would all resolve).
>>> Aled
>>> On 30/01/2015 16:51, Duncan Grant wrote:
>>>  Without a maximum name length (see
>>>> softlayer VMs
>>>> are
>>>> created without a hostname.
>>>> Under these circumstances Ambari refuses to install.
>>>> Should I implement something specific to the ambari entities so that
>>>> they
>>>> can work round this or do we need to find a more general fix?
>>>> I'd really like to keep the long names as then I can tell this
>>>> difference
>>>> between my vms and those provisioned by Duncan.
>>>> Regards
>>>> Duncan

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