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From Richard Downer <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Guidelines for commit messages
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2015 10:24:36 GMT
A recent discussion in a PR[1] covered commit messages. During this
discussion it was discovered that at least two of the committers
follow Tim Pope's guidelines for Git commit messages[2] and recommend

I recommend you read the article, but the short form is that commit
messages look like this:
- Line 1 is a short summary of up to approx 50 characters
- Line 2 is blank
- Lines 3 onwards are a longer description of the change, word-wrapped
at 72 characters

Tim's article lists several advantages relating to the Git command
line tool, but it is also true that GitHub assumes some of these
conventions; in particular, using more text in line 1 wraps in an ugly
way when viewed on GitHub.

I would like to propose that we adopt these as the preferred style for
Brooklyn commits, and that a page is added to the "developers" section
of the website with a precis of, and link to Tim's article.

Any comments for or against this? Any other things we should consider
for commit messages?



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