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From Elvinas Piliponis <>
Subject Does Brooklyn ignore provisioning properties in YAML?
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2014 07:52:53 GMT

Again either I am doing something wrong way (at least logs indicate that), either I do not
understand Brooklyn. I am no Java programmer and most likely not intend to become one. Can
this tool be useful for me without resorting to rewrite application deployments scenarios
in Java? I know that we will use Brooklyn and will have some Java guys to code that that will
be separate use case. At the moment I am looking at infrastructure deployment orchestration.
We already have server deployment defined with Puppet but that covers single server only and
all interdependencies must be covered manually.

I am trying to provision default demo application with custom provisioning properties.

Launching Brooklin SimpleWebserver  app from command line works:
% ${BROOKLYN_HOME}/bin/brooklyn launch --app brooklyn.demo.SingleWebServerExample  --location

However it fails to build and exists as fedora 19 cloud image does not have which utility.
So I have tried to launch Brooklyn specify it in YAML through web page and got two issues:

1.    I failed to understand how to specify local path for application on server, instead
of picking up from some web repo. There might be use cases where no internet access will be
available and only local files should be used. Specifying “<entry>/opt/brooklyn/examples/brooklyn-examples/simple-web-cluster/target/classes</entry>”
in catalog.xml did not help.

I have tried to the following YAML but saw that Brooklyn did not bite my attempt and silently
attempted to install JBoss7…
name: xStream-install
location: openstack

- type: brooklyn.demo.SingleWebServerExample
    minRam: 512
    minCores: 1
    minDisk: 10
    autoAssignFloatingIp: true
    imageId: RegionOne/15df41d1-d5e1-4b1e-8427-1ffdd2eb011c
    hardwareId: RegionOne/24b24f68-535a-4c73-a052-52022240a2e3
    networkName: 0869c8a0-47ab-4eb1-a6eb-0072172cd880
    keyPair: brooklyn
    securityGroups: default
    privateKeyFile: /opt/brooklyn/brooklyn.pem
    loginUser: root

2.    While looking at status I saw that deployment failed to reach contactable state in 2
minutes. Looking at end of logs shoed that installation failed due to lack of “which”.
Then I wondered why as I have explicitly specified updated image in YAML with “which”.
Upon app initialization I saw the following lines:

2014-12-01 14:41:36,159 WARN  i.b.c.b.s.c.BrooklynEntityMatcher [brooklyn-jetty-server-8081-qtp1846097386-22]:
Ignoring PDP attributes on
nRam=512, minCores=1, minDisk=10, autoAssignFloatingIp=true, imageId=RegionOne/15df41d1-d5e1-4b1e-8427-1ffdd2eb011c,
52022240a2e3, networkName=0869c8a0-47ab-4eb1-a6eb-0072172cd880, keyPair=brooklyn, securityGroups=default,
privateKeyFile=/opt/brooklyn/brooklyn.pem, loginUser=roo
t}}]: {{minRam=512, minCores=1, minDisk=10, autoAssignFloatingIp=true,
imageId=RegionOne/15df41d1-d5e1-4b1e-8427-1ffdd2eb011c, hardwareId=
RegionOne/24b24f68-535a-4c73-a052-52022240a2e3, networkName=0869c8a0-47ab-4eb1-a6eb-0072172cd880,
keyPair=brooklyn, securityGroups=default, privateKeyFile=/opt/br
ooklyn/brooklyn.pem, loginUser=root}}
….. some lines lower ….
2014-12-01 14:41:36,256 DEBUG b.l.jclouds.JcloudsLocation [brooklyn-execmanager-KFABVyQR-82]:
jclouds using templateBuilder PortableTemplateBuilder[ports=[22], im
ageId=RegionOne/d5163d69-4b2c-4269-99ad-88506973037f, hardwareId=RegionOne/24b24f68-535a-4c73-a052-52022240a2e3,
ooklynImageChooser$3@6f8c09b2] for provisioning in JcloudsLocation[openstack-nova:
:5000/v2.0@Nv2F1oKb] for openstack-nova:{id=aQq5sjap}

Search for warning message does not reveal anything obvious:

         if (!attrs.isEmpty()) {

             log.warn("Ignoring PDP attributes on "+deploymentPlanItem+": "+attrs);


a)    Does Brooklyn ignores because it failed to find right application?

b)    Should not it fail instead of silently changing provisioning type (SimpleWebServer ->

Thank you
Elvinas Piliponis
[Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:
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Studentų  g. 59-B707, LT-51365, Kaunas | Lietuva
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Mobile: +370 69807947

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