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From Richard Downer <>
Subject Re: combining the main site and the versioned project docs
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2014 11:03:28 GMT

I think this has some advantages. Sharing styling is one, and having
everything in one repository rather than two will be simpler for
anyone who wants to contribute docs.

The only comment I'd make is a bikeshedding one, namely that the
website files should be in a folder named "website" rather than "main"

There's also a couple of unreviewed PRs in the incubator-brooklyn-site
repository, which should be merged before copying everything out of
that repo.


On 27 November 2014 at 16:35, Alex Heneveld
<> wrote:
> Currently we have a main web site in one repo, and brooklyn
> version-specific documentation contained in the project docs/ dir.
> There is some unfortunate duplication which results, as images and styles
> sit in both places, as well as some overhead in having docs in two places.
> I think it would be simpler if we move the main site into the project docs/
> dir, such that this folder.  We would still maintain the distinction between
> "main" docs (for which only one version is live) and "version-specific" docs
> (where we keep v1/ v2/ etc online).  The difference is that this would be
> done from one docs dir, using sub-directories therein (and scripts which can
> update-version-docs / update-main-docs / update-all-docs).  As these docs
> are not used for any binary releases we would probably exclude them from the
> source build in any case, at least that is our thinking.
> Any objections?
> Best
> Alex

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