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From Richard Downer <>
Subject ApacheCon Europe write-up
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2014 16:29:17 GMT

I was fortunate enough to be present - and to present! - at ApacheCon
Europe last week. I learnt a great deal from the sessions I attended.
Andrew Kennedy (grkvlt) was also present, and between us we spread the
word about Brooklyn as much as we could!

Some of the things I learnt have direct impact on the Brooklyn
project. Here is a summary of the sessions I attended, and key points
(excluding the keynotes)


The Apache Way
Nick Burch, Quanticate

Bending the rules - community over code over policy
Andrea Pescetti, Apache OpenOffice PMC
Slides: not available online (yet)

Sharing Apache's goodness - how we should be telling the story
Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier, Red Hat

Interesting talk about marketing for Apache projects and the
foundation as a whole. The larger Apache system is facing the same
problems that incubating Brooklyn is with regards to getting the word

Patches Welcome - contributing to Apache projects in a nutshell
Isabel Drost-Fromm, Elasticsearch
Slides: ?

A general guide to contributing to Apache projects.

RTFM? Write a better FM!
Rich Bowen, ASF

Rich wrote the Apache httpd docs. Here there are lots of useful tips
on writing good documentation.

A development analytics dashboard for CloudStack
Jesus M Gonzalez-Barahona, Bitergia
or, see it in action:

Bitergia does lots of metrics analysis on open source projects,
covering source control, Jira tickets and mailing list messages.


Apache Brooklyn - what it is and why you might use it

My presentation, introducing Docker. More to follow.

Clocker - migrating complex applications to Docker with Apache Brooklyn

Andrew's talk showing Clocker (Docker mixed with Brooklyn and Weave networking)

Podling post-mortem: looking back on incubation and lessons learned
Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier
Slides: ?

An interesting look at some of the issues that Apache CloudStack faced
in its incubation journey.

Policing Apache brand use by 3rd parties
Shane Curcuru, ASF

A look at how trademarks work for the ASF. An interesting takeaway of
this is that our homepage and download page should refer to "the
Apache Brooklyn software" (because, in legal terms, trademarks are
adjectives - and we should use the preferred legal form at key points
to make future enforcement of the trademark possible.)

OSGi for mere mortals
Bertrand Delacretaz, Adobe
Slides: ?

Demonstrated an OSGi-based web service using Karaf.

Set up and use Apache OpenMeetings in 30 minutes
Maxim Solodovnik, UniPro

Demonstrated the Apache OpenMeetings platform. A very interesting
project but with an unfortunate Flash dependency - they are in the
process of replacing this with pure HTML5 and the open A/V protocol
whose acronym escapes me at this moment.


OSv: probably the best OS for cloud workloads
Roman Shaposhnik
Slides: ?

A very interesting talk - a kernel that is intended to run a single
process only, where that process can be Java. Supports ZFS, and a
Jacobsen net-channels based network stack, which provide virtualised
network performance that significantly beats a traditional OS on bare
metal! I'd love to give Brooklyn a try on this.

Where is Apache infrastructure going?
David Nalley, ASF
Slides: ?

A talk on how infra has evolved recently. Followed by a demonstration
of Apache's new code signing service.

Jenkins at Apache
Andrew Bayer, Cloudera

Andrew Bayer talking about recent changes to the Jenkins service. In
short - 6 months ago it was rubbish, but now it's much better, and
Andrew is keen that all Apache projects move off their own
infrastructure to use this. I mentioned that we had chosen to keep
Brooklyn's integration tests off as our tests can
leave a mess behind sometimes, but Andrew said this should not stop us
using the Apache infrastructure and cloud build slaves could handle
this problem. So I will reach out to Andrew to find out how we can run
our integration tests inside Apache.

Introduction to Apache Slider
Steve Loughran, Hortonworks
Slides: ?

Steve attended the Brooklyn talk and had some interesting questions,
so I went to his talk to find out more about his project.
Unfortunately I'm not really up on the big-data projects so I was at a
disadvantage for this talk...

The other Apache technologies your big data solution needs
Nick Burch, Quanticate

A whistle-stop tour of many Apache projects. A very interesting
summary (and Brooklyn got a slide!)

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