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From Tony Su <>
Subject Install pointing to Localhost - Not working?
Date Sun, 24 Aug 2014 01:52:32 GMT
initially started with the Quickstart at

 Downloaded and installed as described.

Created the folder ~/.Brooklyn
(BTW -  would it be that difficult to create this folder as part of
the install? Not sure because docs don't say whether Brooklyn always
looks for exactly this folder or a folder with similar relational path
to where the brooklyn app files are located. Am also curious why this
location isn't part of the main app file tree to make packaging and
paths simple)

Ran the commands that set environments (directory and path)

Launched brooklyn and viewed web page successfully.

Downloaded the file to this directory.

Relaunched brooklyn (brooklyn launch).
But nothing in the YAML tab. Is there supposed to be something?

Since there are no screenshots or description what should be
displayed, I have no idea if the YAML tab should be pre-poplulated
with settings (I would expect) but aren't seeing anything. or if it
should be completely blank and then I would ask what the whole purpose
is of downloading

Despite the above, I then attempted to follow

But again, after downloading

And re-launching brooklyn,
Nothing has changed. I don't see the objects in the screenshot.

Somewhat unrelated to the above, I'm specifically interested in a YAML
file that would pull images from the Docker Registry. I guess I simply
insert docker pull or run commands in place of the commands that pull
apps from other locations?


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