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From "Svetoslav Neykov" <>
Subject RE: Brooklyn and eclipse 4.4 (Luna)
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2014 11:52:10 GMT
I am currently using the snapshot releases of GRECLIPSE with Luna from update site
Haven't had any problems with it.


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From: Martin Harris [] 
Sent: Monday, July 7, 2014 1:55 PM
Subject: Re: Brooklyn and eclipse 4.4 (Luna)

Had exactly the same problem. Shame on me for not sharing...

GGTS[1] isn't out yet (they're at M1, with the release scheduled for this month), hopefully
that has better groovy integration




On 7 July 2014 11:23, Aled Sage <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> In case you're considering upgrading to Eclipse 4.4 for Brooklyn 
> development - not currently recommended based on my experience.
> If anyone else has had, or does have, additional info or more success 
> then please let me know!
> The problem is with our use of Groovy for some tests (for historic 
> reasons!).
> Greclipse is still at 2.8 for latest GA release. [1] describes some 
> compatibility issues between the JDT version and the Groovy plugin. 
> Also, from [2], "the Groovy-Eclipse version that ships with GGTS 3.4.0 
> is still built on top of the JDT core implementation of Eclipse Kepler 
> and isn't updated to Eclipse Kepler SR1 yet." i.e. I don't think you 
> can use the lastest JDT version.
> Installing greclipse is supposed to downgrade and patch your JDT 
> version (?!).
> However, when I upgraded to 4.4, no project with a groovy nature would 
> compile.
> I haven't tried getting an Eclipse with an older version of JDT, nor 
> have I tried against a snapshot greclipse 2.9. I suspect the snapshot 
> build is the way to go.
> Aled
> p.s. I'm using Eclipse 4.3.2 without problems, so not sure why Kepler 
> SR1 is an issue!
> p.p.s. it will be great when all our old groovy code is converted to 
> Java (except perhaps for one examples project that is just there to 
> show how to write blueprints in groovy).
> [1]
> tool-suite/724206-sts-3-4-0-and-groovy-plugin-version-mess
> [2]

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