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From Aled Sage <>
Subject Re: Error on Wide Area Cassandra Cluster on Softlayer example
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2014 14:17:40 GMT

The service-up is based on JMX connectivity to the cassandra node.

You need to drill into the startup tasks, and the debug log, to see why 
it might have failed.

In the Brooklyn web-console, you can select the failed CassandraNode 
entity in the tree (under "applications"), then click on the Activity 
tab and select the "start" row. You can then drill into the tasks 
performed to see the actual stdout/stdin/stderr of the ssh command for 
starting the Cassandra Node.

In the brooklyn.debug.log file, you can look for any exceptions (as well 
as the stdout/stderr of the commands executed).

If the failed CassandraNode has gone from the web-console then you'll 
want to turn on "quarantine", which tells Brooklyn to not terminate the 
node(s) that fail to start - see DynamicCluster.QUARANTINE_FAILED_ENTITIES.
Add the configuration "dynamiccluster.quarantineFailedEntities" set to 
true in your blueprint.

If it is not obvious from stdout/stdin/stderr what is wrong, then you'll 
want to login to the CassandraNode VM to see what is in the cassandra 
log file.
The normal "cassandra.log" file will tell you why that particular node 
didn't startup.
There is a "log.location" sensor on the CassandraNode that should give 
you the path of the log file on the VM.


On 27/06/2014 11:39, Jesus arteche wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I'm trying to run the WideArea Cassandra cluster, deploying over 2
> different DC on SoftLayer. The machines spun up in SoftLayer, but I got
> this error :
> *Failure running task post-start (IthjWEwo)
> <>:
> *Software
> process entity CassandraNodeImpl{id=cnzhYNme} did not pass is-running check
> within the required 3m limit (3m 5s elapsed)
> Any idea?

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