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From Stefan Walraven <>
Subject Problems with running "My Web Cluster Blueprint" on OpenStack
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2014 10:59:41 GMT

I'm experimenting with brooklyn on a private OpenStack environment. But 
the deployment fails when brooklyn tries to connect with the created 
VMs. I saw there was another thread about this in the beginning of this 
month, but the proposed solution doesn't work in my case.

Similar to the previous thread, the three VMs are launched, but then it 
constantly fails when the brooklyn manager tries to ssh the VMs:

java.util.NoSuchElementException: could not connect to any ip address port 22 on node

I have a keypair available in my OpenStack installation (added via web 
console), and I specified in to use that keypair. It 
effectively uses that one, but it still fails to login. Yesterday, I 
tried to login myself to those VMs using SSH and it didn't work 
immediately (there is some delay), but after a while I got in, so the 
key pair is installed properly. However, I can't test this any more, 
because now brooklyn immediately removes the VMs after failure (which it 
didn't yesterday...).

Anyway, I tried to solve this issue using the waitForSshable property, 
but apparently this has no effect. The failure always occurs after the 
same period of time (around 10 minutes after the process is started), 
even if I put the waitForSshable property on 1 hour... My looks as follows:

brooklyn.location.named.MyOpenStack=< url >

brooklyn.location.named.MyOpenStack.identity=<tenant name / user >

brooklyn.location.named.MyOpenStack.credential=< password >

brooklyn.location.named.MyOpenStack.imageId=<region / id>




brooklyn.location.named.MyOpenStack.waitForSshable=3600000 # absurd high number but no effect


I tried the solution suggested in the previous thread, But this also 
results in the same issue:

Furthermore, I tried to upload my keys via brooklyn, but then I don't 
get a key pair (similar to the previous thread). That only works when 
using the keyPair property, but this requires the key pair to be already 
available in the OpenStack installation (as far as I experienced).

I hope someone can help me to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance,
Stefan Walraven


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