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From Chip Childers <>
Subject Fwd: Podling setup tasks...
Date Mon, 05 May 2014 18:33:04 GMT
On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 2:07 PM, Andrew Kennedy (Cloudsoft)
<> wrote:
> Chip Childers wrote:
>> The mailing lists are (obviously) now working.
> Brilliant, thanks for all your work so far, Chip. Much appreciated.

No problem.

>> The git repo has been created
> So, what is the procedure for migration? We are still raising and merging
> pull requests against GitHub. What are the actual repositories we should now
> be using? Is this perhaps a good time to just freeze, make a 0.7.0 release,
> and then all 0.8.0 development will *definitely* be happening on the ASF
> repositories.

The initial committers all need to have filed their ICLA's to get accounts, which have write access to your repo.

I absolutely suggest that you start the process of moving entirely
over to the ASF now.  The first release of Brooklyn as a podling is
going to take some time to get right as a new ASF incubating project.

The workflow that jclouds uses (which I'm not all that familiar with)
IIRC uses pull requests against the ASF read-only repo.  That repo is

There may be things that need to be configured on the ASF side to send
PR notices to this list.

Ping to David Nalley...  can you help point the Brooklyn folks to the
right documentation for what to do here?

> I also have some questions about code ownership. I've make a PR to add a
> Cloudsoft copyright to the Java and groovy code files extant in our repo,
> but this could be modified to any other appropriate ASF approved statement.
> As I understand it, the contributors retain copyright, but it is licensed to
> the ASF?

I've been working offline with Alex H and Duncan to have CloudSoft
sign the required software grant agreement. This is the agreement that
formally donates the Brooklyn code to the ASF.

With the exception of any code that wasn't developed as part of this
project (copied from another project), all of the files should have
the standard ASF licensing header.

I suggest that everyone read through the following links (any anything
else on the a.o or i.a.o sites that you find potentially relevant):

> I also found some LGPL files, not sure what needs to be done there, if
> anything?

It will need to be removed.  We (ASF) do not ship code that is
incompatible with our licensing philosophies.  Dependencies will also
have to go through a rigorous vetting process, to be sure that any
incompatible licensing issues are either (1) removed or (2) expected
to be installed on the target system as a "system dependency" (i.e.:
not pulled down by default). See the following link for more

>> The jira project has been created
>> If you can provide me with your jira account, I'll add folks to the
>> project.
> I'm 'andrew.kennedy' on JIRA, so add that account to the BROOKLYN project,
> please.



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