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From Richard Downer <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Source code migration and process for committers and contributors
Date Sat, 31 May 2014 12:01:14 GMT
Taking into account the various opinions expressed on this list and
other venues, I present a proposal for migrating the Brooklyn source
code onto Apache infrastructure, and the processes for committers and
contributors going forward.


The IPMC proposes that Apache Brooklyn will adopt a model for storing
source code, processes for committing change to the source code, and
processes for external contributors to contribute code, that is
substantially the same as those used by the Apache jclouds project
(referred to as "the jclouds model" henceforth).

The jclouds model is described in these links, for contributors and
committers respectively:

The key points of the jclouds model are:

- The repository of record, against which all commits are made, is the
one hosted at
- The repository is mirrored by automated process to a repository at
GitHub, in an organisation exclusively reserved for its project - we
term this repository the "working mirror"
- Contributors are invited to submit pull requests on the working
mirror located at GitHub
- Committers will, once satisfied that the patch is of sufficient
quality and that the contributor has an ICLA on file, merge the patch
to the repository


Prior to its move adoption by the Apache Incubator, the Brooklyn
source code was in a GitHub organisation named "brooklyncentral",
which is owned by Cloudsoft, in a repository named "brooklyn". This
repository will be used as a seed for the repository at

The working mirror at GitHub will be in a new organisation named
"brooklyn", which will be owned by The Apache Software Foundation.
Therefore, the working mirror against which contributors can submit
pull requests will be located at

At the point of switchover, Cloudsoft (the owners of the
"brooklyncentral" organisation) will initiate a transfer of the
"brooklyn" repository to the "brooklyn" organisation (owned by
Apache). This transfer will preserve contributor's forks, pull
requests and other metadata.

Finally, the process for contributors and committers will be
documented in a suitable location (most likely on the website)


There is considerable interest in following the model used by the
Usergrid project, which differs in that commits are made against a
GitHub repository which is mirrored by an automated process to However we note that the Foundation's board and
our mentors have expressed doubt over that model. Should the Usergrid
model gain acceptance with board, we may make a proposal to replace
our policy with the Usergrid model.

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