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From Alex Heneveld <>
Subject Re: Mirroring to GitHub
Date Fri, 30 May 2014 02:26:07 GMT

Chip, Richard,

To date we (the committers) have verified that potential contributors 
have a signed CLA with the Brooklyn project, before accepting a PR.  
What are the requirements for accepting commits into Brooklyn as an ASF 

Presumably we need to check whether a person has a CLA on file with the 
ASF.  Is there a checklist of other things?

And how can we check whether someone has a CLA w ASF ?

(It's just half a dozen contributors or so for the commits since the SGA 
so shouldn't be too hard to confirm these once we know the process.)


On 29/05/2014 21:11, Chip Childers wrote:
> Given David's comment and note about Brett's concerns with the usergrid
> workflow, it would make sense to get the change over done now.
> One of the challenges that we have right now is that the SGA was sent in
> to donate the Brooklyn code to the ASF.  However, we're going to need to
> review all of the commits that have been pulled into the booklyn GH repo
> and then pushed into the ASF, to be sure that the person providing the
> changes fully understood that they were effectively making a donation to
> the ASF.
> This might not seem like a huge deal ATM, but IP provenance is critical to
> the rationale behind the ASF IP management processes / policies.
> So...  instead of pulling any more commits from GH, I think it's time to
> switch to ASF as the canonical repo ASAP.
> Can you guys do that?
> -chip

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