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Subject [32/51] [abbrv] brooklyn-docs git commit: change release notes for 080, and add migration guide
Date Mon, 01 Feb 2016 17:44:58 GMT
diff --git a/docs/guide/misc/ b/docs/guide/misc/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..a71d19b
--- /dev/null
+++ b/docs/guide/misc/
@@ -0,0 +1,32 @@
+layout: website-normal
+title: Migrating to 0.8.0
+As noted in the [release notes](release-nodes.html),
+this version introduces major package renames.
+However migrating your code should not be hard:
+* For small Java projects, simply "Optimizing Imports" in your IDE should fix code issues.
+* For YAML blueprints and larger projects, 
+a set of regexes has been prepared [here](migrate-to-0.8.0-regexes.sed)
+detailing all class renames.
+To download and apply this to an entire directory, you can use the following snippet.
+If running this on a Java project, you should enter the `src` directory
+or `rm -rf target` first.  For other use cases it should be easy to adapt,
+noting the use of `sed` and the arguments (shown for OS X / BSD here). 
+Do make a `git commit` or other backup before applying,
+to make it easy to inspect the changes.
+It may add a new line to any file which does not terminate with one,
+so do not run on binary files.
+{% highlight bash %}   
+$ curl {{ site.url_root }}{{ }}/misc/migrate-to-0.8.0-regexes.sed -o /tmp/migrate.sed
+$ for x in `find . -type file` ; do sed -E -i .bak -f /tmp/migrate.sed $x ; done
+$ find . -name "*.bak" -delete
+{% endhighlight %}
+If you encounter any issues, please [contact us](/website/community/).
diff --git a/docs/guide/misc/ b/docs/guide/misc/
index d174025..5a61833 100644
--- a/docs/guide/misc/
+++ b/docs/guide/misc/
@@ -12,13 +12,14 @@ title: Release Notes
 * Introduction
 * New Features
 * Backwards Compatibility
-* Community Activity
 ### Introduction
-Version 0.7.0 is a major step for Apache Brooklyn. It is the first full release
-of the project as part of the Apache incubator.
+Version 0.8.0 is a rapid, clean-up and hardening release, as we prepare for graduation.
+The biggest change is the package refactoring, discussed in the Backwards Compatibility section.
+Other new features include more machine management (suspend/resume and windows enhandements),
+MySQL cluster, entitlements enhancements, and pluggable blueprint languages. 
 Thanks go to our community for their improvements, feedback and guidance, and
 to Brooklyn's commercial users for funding much of this development.
@@ -26,91 +27,46 @@ to Brooklyn's commercial users for funding much of this development.
 ### New Features
-This release is of a magnitude that makes it difficult to do justice to all of
-the features that have been added to Brooklyn in the last eighteen months. The
-selection here is by no means all that is new.
+New features include:
-1. _Blueprints in YAML_ In a significant boost to accessibility, authors no
-   longer need to know Java to model applications. The format follows the
-   [OASIS CAMP specification](
-   with some extensions.
+* All classes are in the `org.apache.brooklyn` namespace
-1. _Persistence and rebind_ Brooklyn persists its state and on restart rebinds
-   to the existing entities.
+* Port mappings supported for BYON locations:  fixed-IP machines can now be configured 
+  within subnets
-1. _High availability_ Brooklyn can be run a highly available mode with a
-   master node and one or more standby nodes.
+* The Entitlements API is extended to be more convenient and work better with LDAP
-1. _Blueprint versioning_ The blueprint catalogue supports multiple versions
-   of blueprints. Version dependencies are managed with OSGi.
+* The blueprint language is pluggable, so downstream projects can supply their own,
+  such as TOSCA to complement the default CAMP dialect used by Brooklyn 
-1. _Windows support_ Brooklyn can both run on and deploy to Windows instances.
+* A MySQL master-slave blueprint is added 
-1. _Cloud integrations_ Significant support for several clouds, including
-   SoftLayer, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure.
-1. _Downstream parent_ A new module makes it significantly simpler for downstream
-   projects to depend on Brooklyn.
-Other post-0.7.0-M2 highlights include:
-1. New policies: `SshConnectionFailure`, which emits an event if it cannot make
-   an SSH connection to a machine, and `ConditionalSuspendPolicy`, which suspends
-   a target policy if it receives a sensor event.
-1. Brooklyn reports server features in responses to `GET /v1/server/version`.
-1. It is much easier for downstream projects to customise the behaviour of
-   `JcloudsLocationSecurityGroupCustomiser`.
-1. Brooklyn is compiled with Java 7 and uses jclouds 1.9.0.
-1. Improvements to the existing Nginx, Riak, RabbitMQ and Bind DNS entities and
-   support for Tomcat 8.
+* Misc other new sensors and improvements to Redis, Postgres, and general datastore mixins

+* jclouds version bumped to 1.9.1, and misc improvements for several clouds
+  including Softlayer and GCE
 ### Backwards Compatibility
-Changes since 0.7.0-M2:
-1. Passwords generated with the `generate-password` command line tool must be
-   regenerated. The tool now generates exactly `sha256( salt + password )`.
-Changes since 0.6.0:
-1. Code deprecated in 0.6.0 has been deleted. Many classes and methods are newly deprecated.
-1. Persistence has been radically overhauled. In most cases the state files
-   from previous versions are compatible but many items have had to change.
-1. Location configuration getter and setter methods are changed to match those
-   of Entities. This is in preparation for having all Locations be Entities.
-1. OpenShift integration has moved from core Brooklyn to the downstream project
-Please refer to the release notes for versions
-for further compatibility notes.
-### Community Activity
-During development of 0.7.0 Brooklyn moved to the Apache Software Foundation.
+Changes since 0.7.0-incubating:
-Many exciting projects are using Brooklyn. Notably:
+1. **Major:** Packages have been renamed so that everything is in the `org.apache.brooklyn`
+   namespace. This decision has not been taken lightly!
+   This **[migration guide](migrate-to-0.8.0.html)** will assist converting projects to
+   the new package structure.
+   We recognize that this will be very inconvenient for downstream projects,
+   and it breaks our policy to deprecate any incompatibility for at least one version,
+   but it was necessary as part of becoming a top-level Apache project.
+   Pre-built binaries will not be compatible and must be recompiled against this version.
-* [Clocker](, which creates and manages Docker cloud
-  infrastructures.
+   We have invested significant effort in ensuring that persisted state will be unaffected.
-* The Brooklyn Cloud Foundry Bridge, which brings blueprints into the Cloud
-  Foundry marketplace with the [Brooklyn Service
-  Broker](
-  and manages those services with the Cloud Foundry CLI plugin.
+1. Some of the code deprecated in 0.7.0 has been deleted.
+   There are comparatively few newly deprecated items.
-* [SeaClouds](, an ongoing EU project for
-  seamless adaptive multi-cloud management of service based applications.
+For changes in prior versions, please refer to the release notes for 

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