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Subject [1/2] brooklyn-server git commit: remove ATTENTION folder
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2016 17:48:29 GMT
Repository: brooklyn-server
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/master d03f254ba -> 90eb128ba

remove ATTENTION folder


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: 2157b758707ccdeff674780ef5c59790c63b94d6
Parents: d03f254
Author: Andrea Turli <>
Authored: Tue Feb 2 13:07:40 2016 +0100
Committer: Andrea Turli <>
Committed: Tue Feb 2 13:07:40 2016 +0100

 ATTENTION/ | 39 ---------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 39 deletions(-)
diff --git a/ATTENTION/ b/ATTENTION/
deleted file mode 100644
index 13f1272..0000000
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,39 +0,0 @@
-### HISTORIC REPO: Apache Brooklyn has graduated!
-This is the historical **incubator** repo for Apache Brooklyn. 
-This version of the codebase is no longer active. 
-**You're probably in the wrong place.**
-* **The Active Codebase**: at [](
-* **The Apache Brooklyn Homepage**: at [](
-### About the Incubator Project
-Apache Brooklyn was in the Apache Incubator until the end of 2015, on version `0.9.0-SNAPSHOT`.
-At this time it graduated to become a top-level Apache Software Foundation project,
-and the code moved from `incubator-brooklyn` to `brooklyn` and several other projects `brooklyn-*`.
-Versions `0.8.0-incubating` and before can be found in and built from this repo,
-along with the last commit to `0.9.0-SNAPSHOT` from which development has continued
-in `apache/brooklyn` and sub-projects.
-The sub-directories in this project correspond to multiple separate repositories now in the
`apache` org.
-The link above to **[the Active Codebase](** started life
-as a copy of [`brooklyn/`](brooklyn/) in this folder, 
-as an uber-project for the other `brooklyn-*` folders, including the `server` and the `ui`,
-which are now top-level repos in the `apache` org.
-### To Build
-This historic version of the code can be built with:
-    mvn clean install
-This creates a build of the last incubator SNAPSHOT version in `usage/dist/target/brooklyn-dist`.
-with `bin/brooklyn launch`. Although really you probably want **[the Active Codebase](**.

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