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From Ivan Kelly <>
Subject Re: Upgrade ZK version in BK
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2014 18:10:31 GMT
My take on this is actually that we should shade this also. 

[1] contains netty's policy on versioning. If we upgrade to 3.7.0 we
force anyone using bookkeeper to upgrade also. As [1] says, the
changes may not be binary compatible. I've actually experienced this
problem with netty recently, though I think it was between major
versions. In any case though, if binary incompatible can happen, we
shouldn't break anyone by having them use us.

However, shading would involve a source compat break for us, as one of
the constructors for BookKeeper takes a ClientSocketChannelFactory. My
vote on this, is to break this constructor for 3.4.0 release, upgrade
netty and shade it. I really doubt anyone is using the constructor
with ClientSocketChannelFactory. Also, for 3.4.0, we should split out
the client package into a separate module to avoid pulling in too many
modules. It's not a huge amount of work. I think I did it in 45
minutes before, but it needs to be done when there's very little
outstanding work, and files move around a lot.

Sijie, what do you think? You've been opposed to shading in the past.


> Presently BK is using ZK-3.4.3 version which I feel is quite old one. While bumping the
version to ZK-3.4.6, I've noticed one small diff about the netty versions.
> ZK has netty version - 3.7.0
> BK has netty version - 3.2.9
> As part of ZOOKEEPER-1715, it has upgraded the netty version to 3.7.0
> <dependency org="io.netty" name="netty" conf="default" rev="3.7.0.Final">
> But in BK we have different version 3.2.9
>     <dependency>
>       <groupId>org.jboss.netty</groupId>
>       <artifactId>netty</artifactId>
>       <version>3.2.9.Final</version>
>       <scope>compile</scope>
>     </dependency>
> Following are few ideas that comes in my mind, which I'm putting to kick start the discussion.
> Approach-1) Since BK is not using ZooKeeper's netty feature, it can
> simply exclude the netty library while adding ZK-3.4.6 dependency
> and BK will continue using his own version.
BK uses the zk client which does use netty. 

> Approach-2) BK also will upgrade its netty version to '3.7.0' and be
> in sync with ZK-3.4.6. Here it would need to see old - new BK
> communications.

> Appreciate any help in finding a better way. Also welcome fresh ideas:)
> Thanks & Regards,
> Rakesh R

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