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From "Daniel S. Kim" <>
Subject Hedwig Subproject::Hubs owning some topics that doesn't exist.
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2011 23:13:09 GMT
Hi everyone,

Since there is no hedwig API to delete a topic, I used zookeeper java
client to delete the znodes associated with that topic. For an example, I
delete /hedwig/standalone/topics/mytopic and its child znode(s) in order to
delete a topic named, "mytopic". As a result, bookies would delete data
associated with this topic as well. However, I can still publish and
subscribe to "mytopic" topic at this point even though there is no znodes
or data for this topic. The hub kept all the cache and believes that the
topic is still "alive". The documents says that the hub will lose its topic
ownership if the hub is overloaded or the periodic redistribution kicks in.
Is there any way to tell the hub to forget about the topic?


Daniel S. Kim

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