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Subject [bookkeeper] branch master updated: ISSUE #695: add release notes for 4.6.0
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2017 05:35:38 GMT
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The following commit(s) were added to refs/heads/master by this push:
     new 58d0fc2  ISSUE #695: add release notes for 4.6.0
58d0fc2 is described below

commit 58d0fc2dcf327beabe31cda54b461bf9a6bbbafa
Author: Jia Zhai <>
AuthorDate: Thu Nov 30 13:35:29 2017 +0800

    ISSUE #695: add release notes for 4.6.0
    Descriptions of the changes in this PR:
    add release notes for 4.6.0.
    Author: Jia Zhai <>
    Reviewers: Sijie Guo <>
    This closes #759 from zhaijack/issue-695, closes #695
 site/docs/4.6.0/overview/ | 52 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
 1 file changed, 48 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/site/docs/4.6.0/overview/ b/site/docs/4.6.0/overview/
index 2df2589..84cdd06 100644
--- a/site/docs/4.6.0/overview/
+++ b/site/docs/4.6.0/overview/
@@ -2,16 +2,60 @@
 title: Apache BookKeeper 4.6.0 Release Notes
-[provide a summary of this release]
+This is the seventh release of BookKeeper as an Apache Top Level Project!
+The 4.6.0 release incorporates new fixes, improvements, and features since previous major
release 4.5.0.
 Apache BookKeeper users are encouraged to upgrade to 4.6.0. The technical details of this
release are summarized
 ## Highlights
-[List the highlights]
+The main features in 4.6.0 cover are around following areas:
+- Dependencies Upgrade
+- Bookie enhancement
+- BookKeeper Admin REST API
+- New BookKeeper API
+- Performance improvement
+- Deployment or Ease of use 
+### Dependencies Upgrade
+- Upgrade Protobuf to `3.4`.
+### Bookie enhancement
+- Persistable bookie status.
+  - Prior to this release, bookie status was transient. It is a bit hard for management tooling.
This feature adds persistable bookies status. See [Issue-265](
for more details.
+- Introduce Bookie Discovery Interface.  Prior to this release, bookkeeper client only provides
interfaces for ledger metadata management. It doesn't provide any interface for service discovery
part. This feature introduces bookie discovery interface, so it allows plugging in different
service discovery backends for bookkeeper.
+  - Introduce Bookie Registration Manager for bookie server, see [Issue-662](
for more details.
+  - Introduce registration client for bookkeeper client, see [Issue-666](
for more details.
+- Lifecycle components for managing components in bookie server.
+  - Introduce lifecycle component for each service component, which includes "stats provider",
"auto recovery", "http endpoint", and "bookie server(both storage and netty server)", to run
these components in a clear way. See [Issue-508](
and [Issue-547]( for more details.
+- Make bookie recovery work with recovering multiple bookies. 
+  - Make recovery tool work with multiple bookies, so that one call could recover multiple
bookies. See [Issue-612]( for more details.
+### BookKeeper Admin REST API
+- Introduce a bookkeeper admin endpoint for operations to interact and administer the bookkeeper
cluster using REST API. see [PR-278](, [Issue-520](,
and [Issue-674]( for more details.
+### New BookKeeper API
+- New Fluent Style API.
+  - A brand new API to manage ledgers using the Builder pattern, and new interfaces to make
it clear operations on ledgers, like WriteHandle and ReadHandle, are provided in this release.
See [Issue-506](, [Issue-673](
and [Issue-550]( for more details
+### Performance improvement
+- Use ByteBuf in multiple places to avoid unnecessary memory allocation and reduce the garbage
produced in JVM. See [PR-640]( for more details.
+- Separate the FileInfo cache into write and read cache. It avoids catchup reads impact tailing
reads and writes. See [PR-513]( for more details.
-## Details
+### Deployment or Ease of use
+- Deployment BookKeeper on K8s. 
+  - Provide yaml files to run BookKeeper on Kubernetes using both StatefulSets and DaemonSet.
See [Issue-337]( and [Issue-681](
more details.
-[list to issues list]
+## Full list of changes
+- [](
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