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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: PRODUCT_VIEW permissions on new added products
Date Wed, 01 Jul 2015 17:16:31 GMT
Hi Kevin !

On 7/1/15, Kevin Stokes <> wrote:
> I've installed Bloodhound 0.8.0 on a Windows 7 machine using sqlite.
> It seems to be working in general but when I add a product (using the web
> gui), users that are not admin keep getting a Forbidden PRODUCT_VIEW
> privileges are are required errors when viewing the dashboard for all
> products except the default product.
>   In viewing the Permissions table with the Sqlite browser, I see that the
> default product has records for enabling PRODUCT_VIEW for users
> 'authenticated' and 'anonymous'.  However, my newly created product does
> not.  If I add two records to the permissions table with the sqlite browser
> manually, then this problem goes away.  Specifically, I add two records
> anonymous     |  PRODUCT_VIEW  |   NEWPRODUCT
> authenticated |  PRODUCT_VIEW  |   NEWPRODUCT

Those are the default permissions applied because products start being
private by default until admins unlock access to them .

> Any ideas of how to fix this so then when the users create a new product
> these permissions are added automatically?

For the moment that's the way BH works . I'll try to do something
about it in the next few days . I'll let you know asap when I have
something for you to try .



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