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From Aki Sasaki <>
Subject multiproduct dashboard shows tickets that shouldn't be viewable
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2015 20:03:58 GMT
Hi, has anyone seen this?

* Create a product X
* Remove anonymous access entirely from product X, even though anonymous
has global access
 * Re-add that access to the 'authenticated' group
 * Populate a wiki page and a ticket for X
* Log out

When you search for things that are in product X, they don't show up in
the search results for anonymous users, which is the desired behavior.
However, when you go to the dashboard, the ticket summaries, component
names, and milestones all show up on the dashboard, which is not desired

I'm guessing this is a multiproduct dashboard bug, but wanted to check
here before I created an account to file a ticket.


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