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From Laurent De Buyst <>
Subject New user, issues with owners
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2015 15:13:54 GMT

I've recently installed Bloodhound to see if we might use it for our 

However, I seem to run into some rather basic issues, which I hope are 
just due to some erroneous configurations...

1) No localization/internationalization. My admin page tells me I can't 
have different languages because I don't have Babel. Yet I followed the 
instructions and the 'pip -r install prerequisites.txt' clearly installed 

2) When I create a ticket using the quick method (the blue button), it's 
not assigned to anyone. Creating a ticket through the full form, does 
assign it to the default owner.

3) How can I assign a ticket to someone? I don't have that field when 
creating a ticket, I don't have it when editing a ticket. The only option 
I've been able to find is using custom query, selecting tickets and then 
'Batch modify', which can't be the only way to do this, right?

It's a fresh install, I haven't edited the ini files at all. The only 
thing I've done in the admin is add a user and set the admin user as owner 
of the default product.

I'm running Ubuntu 14.10 64bits, python 2.7, bloodhound 0.8 using the 
builtin tracd for testing.

Thanks in advance
Laurent De Buyst 
System administrator 

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