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From Matt Brown <>
Subject Re: New user, issues with owners
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2015 17:40:03 GMT
1) Is babel available within the virtualenv where bloodhound lives?
Or is it globally available?

2) You can look to the local wiki: http://[bloodhound
instance]/main/products/[product ID]/wiki/Guide/Tickets
As noted there:

- default_component: Name of the component selected by default
- default_milestone: Name of the default milestone
- default_priority: Default priority value
- default_severity: Default severity value
- default_type: Default ticket type
- default_version: Name of the default version
- default_owner: Name of the default owner. If set to the text "<
default >" (the default value), the component owner is used.

If any of these options are omitted, the default value will either be
the first in the list, or an empty value, depending on whether the
field in question is required to be set. Some of these can be chosen
through the WebAdmin plugin in the "Ticket System" section (others in
the [ticket] section in trac.ini).

3) I agree, this is at the least confusing.  I just tossed a response
to an earlier thread I had that might expose the owner field to the
quick ticket create:
 But Tim's answer (of using Modify Ticket> Status> reassign to> [enter
text]) will also work, it seems tedious.

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