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From Ted <>
Subject blood hound & mysql doesn't work with the install script
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2015 23:20:16 GMT
I was trying to follow the install instructions for using blood hound and
MySql but I ran into a problem where it thinks I don't have mysql installed.

I'm running :

python ../../apache-bloodhound-0.8/installer/
--environments_directory=`pwd` --default-product-prefix=DEF

and the result is it tells me :

MySQLdb needs to be installed to initialise a mysql db

I should declare upfront that I'm actually using mariadb instead of mysql,
but most libraries so far that I've used don't seem to know it's any
I went and modified bhsetup/ to printed the exception at
around line 48 on the "import MySQLdb as mysqldb" and the exception was
"No module named MySQLdb".

>From what I read it means I need to install MySql-Python, the thing is, I
have that installed.

> rpm -qa | grep -i mysql | grep -i python

I'm using fedora 21, x86_64, mariaDb, Python 2.7.8

I'm not sure what else to do to debug this further, any ideas?

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