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From Ted <>
Subject bloodhound ticket.create is producing funny tickets
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2015 23:17:20 GMT
I've setup bloodhound (with sqllite) and the olemis-bloodhound-rpc plugin.

I've configured everything and I think my xmlrpc is "working". I can use
basic authentication and query "system.getAPIVersion" as well as

Now I'm trying to call "ticket.create", I've successfully created a ticket
but the tickets don't show up properly on the web site, it shows up under
the "dashboard" but not under tickets. If I try to click on a ticket on the
web site it says the ticket is not found.

I noticed that the xmlrpc created tickets are missing a product, I suspect
that's causing a problem, but I can't find any documentation on how to add
a product to a ticket.

The code I'm using to create a ticket is as follows :

        long time=System.currentTimeMillis();
        ArrayList<Object> params=new ArrayList<>();
        params.add("summary "+time);
        params.add("description "+time);

        HashMap attributes=new HashMap();
        attributes.put("product", "DEF");

        Integer result = (Integer) client.execute("ticket.create", params);

Does anyone know how to set the product on ticket.create? has anyone else
gotten ticket creation working over xmlrpc?

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