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From Ryan J Ollos <>
Subject Re: Broken demo link
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2014 18:57:27 GMT
On Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 10:06 AM, Michael Jinks <>
> More broadly... What's the QA landscape for this project? I sort of get
> the impression that this is one of those projects that works well for the
> people creating it, but doesn't get much in the way of formal review on its
> way to release.

The changes are peer-reviewed and tested by developers contributing to the
project. The release manager is responsible for smoke-testing the project
before release, and those voting on the release should do the same.

It is important to the success of the project that the community is testing
changes and testing the overall project, reporting issues as they arise.
One advantage to an open source project is that all reported issues are
visible to end users through the mailing list and issue tracker. You can
know as much as you like about the project, dependent only on the amount of
time you're willing to contribute to reviewing it.

> That's great if the releases are frequent and allow those of us at the
> endpoint to do our own dev/test/push cycle in the face of incremental
> changes each time we see a fresh version, but with infrequent releases
> showing major changes that's a tough pattern to maintain.

You are right, it is important that the project do more frequent
incremental release if it is to be successful. That is one of the things I
have pushed for in the Trac project, and we are on track for a release
every 2 months now. The Bloodhound project is suffering from a lack of
contributors, but if we can pickup momentum again a 2-4 month release cycle
would be ideal.

> Sorry to gripe. I like Bloodhound a lot and I'm pushing for its success.
> On Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 11:11 AM, Arthur Kahlich <>
> wrote:
>> I am sure you already know about this.
>> I have a couple of older guys looking at bloodhound as part of an
>> evaluation of which issue tracker to go with. Naturally, both of them
>> within *seconds* of looking at the default local installed home page
>> without any prompting went to the bloodhound home page and hit the
>> broken demo link. It's a bad first impression, and if not fixed it
>> should be removed. I will certainly be removing *any* links to the
>> bloodhound home pages that contain the broken link from my installation.
>> These 2 guys were my friendly reviewers - some others will not be so
>> friendly, with a couple of them that may be downright hostile.
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