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From Arthur Kahlich <>
Subject Broken demo link
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2014 17:11:47 GMT
I am sure you already know about this.

I have a couple of older guys looking at bloodhound as part of an
evaluation of which issue tracker to go with. Naturally, both of them
within *seconds* of looking at the default local installed home page
without any prompting went to the bloodhound home page and hit the
broken demo link. It's a bad first impression, and if not fixed it
should be removed. I will certainly be removing *any* links to the
bloodhound home pages that contain the broken link from my installation.
These 2 guys were my friendly reviewers - some others will not be so
friendly, with a couple of them that may be downright hostile.

Arthur Kahlich
CTO - Hardware
Mill Computing, Inc.
Box 1531
Palo Alto CA 94302-1531
Phone: (408)480-3680
Faster, Cooler, Safer Computing.

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