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From Eric Jouffrey <>
Subject Re: Link to Wiki page in "base" wiki from product wiki
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2014 15:02:18 GMT
I think I can help you on that because I recently find it out myself...
In your PageA you can have a link :
that will do the job.

 From the same idea, you can link to PageB if it's another product by 
And you should use /[product:ProductB://WikiStart]/ for link to the home 
page of the ProductB or [product::WikiStart] for link to the main 
homepage from any product.

The only problem is that give a name to the cross-products links doesn't 
seems to work.. For any of [product::PageB link name], 
[product::PageB|link name], [[product::WikiStart|Home]], It's always the 
wiki page label wich is displayed ('PageB', 'WikiStart').

On 12/16/2014 12:45 PM, Oscar Edvardsson wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm sure there is an answer to this, but I can not find it. I am 
> trying to create a wiki link between a page in a product and the main 
> wiki. I.e.
> Project/products/ProductA/wiki/PageA -> Project/wiki/PageB
> If I simply type PageB in PageA, this would not create a link working, 
> persumably because it will try to link to a wiki page in the same 
> product (i.e. to Project/products/ProductA/wiki/PageB). So, how would 
> you create a link to a page in the main wiki (i.e. no product). I 
> tried creating server relative links, but didn't get that to work for 
> some reason.
> I can see the rationale (if there is one) that you can not link 
> between two products (as these should be independent, in my thinking), 
> but to the base wiki I believe should be possible (project related 
> info can be good to have available in product pages).
> Regards,

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