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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: [Trac] Re: Post commit hooks not triggering
Date Sun, 16 Nov 2014 03:10:14 GMT
On 10/20/14, Oscar Edvardsson <> wrote:
> I figured I could change the post-commit hook into
> [hooks]
> commit = touch commit_triggered.file
> changegroup = touch commit_triggered.file
> to see if the triggers were triggered. And they were (i.e.
> commit_triggered.file was created).
> So, this leads me to the conclusion that something is wrong with executing
> the trac-admin command. Either permissions (what permissions are required
> and how do I know which Mercurial is using?) or configuration-wise.
> Regards,

The post-commit hooks in Bloodhound are different . Since the same
repository may be linked to multiple projects it is mandatory to
specify product prefix explicitly to make reference to tickets .

@rjollos as you seem to be working towards a BH release I do not see
this committed in BH trunk . There should be some
multiproduct.ticket.commit_updater module . I can not see them in BH
trunk now o.O

The patches may be found in this repository in branch t695_commit_ticket_update

p.s. It is not possible for me to see what's the status of this
feature since the issue tracker seems to be down (at least when I
tried minutes ago ...) due to some kind of SSL proxy error . I thought
that this was already committed in BH trunk

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