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From Arthur Kahlich <>
Subject Does subversion-python have to be installed before bloodhound?
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2014 04:22:31 GMT
I went and got the complete subversion version 1.8 for Centos 6 from the
Wandisco site. I installed their packages using their script for Centos 6.

I then went to my machine and ran:

bloodhound@s4:/opt/bloodhound/bhenv/bin>./tracd --port=8000
/opt/bloodhound/environments/main &

followed by browsing to the URL:


When there, I removed the repository I had setup, then added it again.
The page then instructs me to run:

trac-admin $ENV repository resync "rep.15"

to sync up the repository. I have done this for trac previously, but now
I don't know exactly what to put for $ENV for bloodhound.  Also,
'trac-admin' is not on my path the way it was with the trac rpm
installation before.  So I give it my best guess and do this:

/opt/bloodhound/environments/main repository resync "rep.15"
TracError: Unsupported version control system "svn": No module named svn
bloodhound@s4:/opt/bloodhound/environments/main>rpm -qa | grep subversion

where the shell prompt indicates I am the 'bloodhound' user on s4, and
the current directory is '/opt/bloodhound/environments/main'.

My problem is 'trac-admin' still tells me it has no module named svn,
but as you can see from the following rpm listing, the
'subversion-python' package is installed.

As instructed, the file


has these lines added at the end:

tracopt.versioncontrol.svn.svn_fs.* = enabled

These were added to trac.ini *before* starting the tracd daemon.

I don't know what else I am missing, unless the bloodhound install has
to find 'subversion-python' and create some sort of linkage.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated!


Arthur Kahlich
CTO - Hardware
Mill Computing, Inc.
Box 1531
Palo Alto CA 94302-1531
Phone: (408)480-3680
Faster, Cooler, Safer Computing.

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