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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Starter questions concerning migration from Trac
Date Sat, 17 May 2014 23:15:59 GMT
On 5/17/14, Lars Ruoff <> wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Lars !

Welcome to Bloodhound mailing list

> Some questions:
> One of the features advertised for Bloodhound is that it can host multiple
> projects.
> In what sense? Wasn't it possible to host multiple Trac sites on a same
> server?

Yes . In Trac you'd often define multiple environments (i.e. folders)
for each project whereas in Bloodhound you may define a single
environment containing multiple "products" to manage your projects .
Of course you also could define multiple environments (as before with
Trac) each having multiple products (mapped onto your projects) . It's
up to you to choose your particular configuration .

> If not, what where the problems and how does Bloodhound solve them?

Some of the reasons are described in BEP-3 , notably the data of
multiple projects (a.k.a. products) is stored in a single DB .

> I would need to host multiple projects on the same server (ubuntu/apache2).
> but my projects are completely isolated from each other. They should have
> different source repositories (even different types, such as SVN and Hg),
> tickets and Wiki.

> It should be easy to backup the projects independently from each other. So
> ideally, everything concerning a single project should reside under a same
> file system path.
> How does Bloodhound handle it?

This is a big question . For low level technical details please
consult BEP-3 [1]_ and if you have more doubts do not hesitate to ask

> How is access handled?
> I'd like to have different users on the projects, with some being limited
> to one project, others be able to work on multiple projects.

Bloodhound offers the whole set of trac-admin commands available in
Trac but for products . This means that the following Trac command

trac-admin permission add user ACTION

... becomes ...

trac-admin product admin PRODUCT_ID permission add user ACTION

> I have backups of the old Trac files (version probably <0.11).
> How do i upgrade/import to Bloodhound?

I'll leave this question open because maybe others have an accurate
answer for it . What we did (once upon a time ...) was to run an
script pulling fro Trac env(s) and writing into BH product(s) via




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