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From Lars Ruoff <>
Subject Fwd: Starter questions concerning migration from Trac
Date Sat, 17 May 2014 09:31:10 GMT
(Not sure whether the mail was sent as subscription wasn't complete, so i'm
sending it again. Apologies in case of double-post)


I've been using Trac (with SVN) some years ago on public hosters for some
of my personal web projects.
Now I'd like to revive some of them, hosted on my own servers.
I have heard of Bloodhound as a fork/successor of Trac and it seems

Some questions:

One of the features advertised for Bloodhound is that it can host multiple
In what sense? Wasn't it possible to host multiple Trac sites on a same
If not, what where the problems and how does Bloodhound solve them?
I would need to host multiple projects on the same server (ubuntu/apache2).
but my projects are completely isolated from each other. They should have
different source repositories (even different types, such as SVN and Hg),
tickets and Wiki.
It should be easy to backup the projects independently from each other. So
ideally, everything concerning a single project should reside under a same
file system path.
How does Bloodhound handle it?
Do i need to keep attention to specific things during installation for this?

How is access handled?
I'd like to have different users on the projects, with some being limited
to one project, others be able to work on multiple projects.

I have backups of the old Trac files (version probably <0.11).
How do i upgrade/import to Bloodhound?

Lars R.

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