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From Shaun Murphy <>
Subject Wiki pages not stored as multiproduct‏
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2014 21:09:44 GMT
I have a strange environment/configuration problem I am having no luck debugging or finding
relevant issues.
My install is bloodhound .7 on an Ubuntu 12.04 apache/mysql machine using the apache WSGI
to serve the trac.wsgi.
I have two products:
1.) @ - default2.) lp - I created this one
When the users access the base_url (/bloodhound and not /bloodhound/products/%40) , they are
adding wiki pages to some location outside of the products as they don't show up in the search
or the regular trac timeline (/bloodhound/timeline.) The product pages (bloodhound/products/%40
and bloodhound/products/lp) both have a different set of wiki entries so even though I have
2 products defined, I have 3 disparate wikis.
When the users access the timeline (/bloodhound/timeline) it is showing only the changes to
@ but not the base_url wiki entries.
I attempted to enable the bhsearch component but I get a trac error that the database needs
to be upgraded and trac-admin upgrade says it is up to date.
Any thoughts on things to look for? 		 	   		  
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