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From Ben Smithers <>
Subject Commit Ticket Updater With Bloodhound 0.7
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2013 18:27:28 GMT
Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has had any joy with the CommitTicketUpdater
optional component with Bloodhound? (

I'm not sure if my issue is Bloodhound related or some other issue - it
appears that the component correctly identifies that I'm trying to
reference a ticket (in this case, I was using 'See #1' in my commit
message) but it cannot find the ticket. My logs show:

'ERROR: Unexpected error while processing ticket #1: ResourceNotFound:
Ticket 1 does not exist'

I wondered if this was a side-effect of the multi-project system. That
said, I do see the same errors for both default and non-default projects.

I spoke with someone briefly on IRC about this and they also said that,
while ticket numbers are currently unique across the whole Bloodhound
installation, the plan is that ticket numbers in future will be with
respect to a given project. This change would cause problems with kind of
component (although I suspect the vast majority of use cases would have a
separate VCS per project - in this case a number would still be sufficient
to identify the ticket).

For reference, I am using 0.7 version of bloodhound.

Grateful for any suggestions or to hear if anyone else has this working
with Bloodhound,

Many thanks,

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