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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Bloodhound installation issue(s)?
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2013 00:14:58 GMT
On 9/17/13, Jared Duncan <> wrote:
> Thanks Olemis.  Things are quite a bit clearer now.  The reason I had this
> impression (that all permissions are global) was that I would choose
> product A from the "Tickets" Dashboard and then click on "Admin" then
> "Permissions" and then add a permission and then choose product B and then
> go back to permissions and see if the one I added for product A was still
> there and it was.  I see now that there is a drop down at the very top to
> switch between the different levels, which due to its isolated and distant
> placement/location/position didn't scream to me it was related to the
> particular page/section I was on/in.  Seemed to be more a part of the
> global nav to me.

That's disappeared too in /trunk (and thereby 0.8) after removing
redirections to default product , so you'll navigate to product admin
zone rather than global .

> afaict , I'd never design (use) a multi-product system as complex as
>> such approach you describe . Bloodhound MP architecture is aimed at
>> encouraging sharing (when appropriate) and isolation (again when
>> appropriate ;)
> That's a great point and I agree, of course.  The user flow in the UI in
> general--when it comes to jumping between products--does seem a little
> bumpy/disjointed to me given one can't globally select a product and then
> just be "in that product", ie it's stored in the session, until he/she logs
> out or switches to another product.  I imagine that users switch between
> admin/tickets/wiki for a particular product far more than they switch
> between products -- I could be wrong, of course.  Usage stats would
> probably be pretty telling.

According to my experience that depends on user role within the
organization / community / ... but in general, yes, navigation across
product boundaries does not happen that often as compared to

> I understand Bloodhound is very new though and so I'm glad to see like all
> the functionality is in place and working pretty well; that's the important
> part.

FWIW , we'll have to improve upon what we've got regarding sharing and
isolation ... for instance I'd like wiki page templates could be
reused in many products , etc ...

> Looks like everyone has worked really hard and done a great job.  I
> look forward to its continued adoption and improvement so that the odds of
> it being accepted by other people climb higher every day.  :)

Thanks !



Olemis - @olemislc

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