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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: Bloodhound installation issue(s)?
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2013 06:14:40 GMT
On 9/17/13, Jared Duncan <> wrote:
> Ryan and Olemis, thank you very much!

Much in your comments has to be considered on the way forward to 1.0
release (maybe not the next one ... but hopefully coming soon ;)

> Also is there somewhere that clearly explains the n:m relationship between
> bloodhound installations, environments, products, wikis, and repositories?
>  e.g. "per bloodhound installation, there can be many environments,


> each
> environment can have many products,


> only one wiki per environment, shared
> by all products,"

no ... one wiki for global env and separate wiki page namespaces for
each product

> etc, and also at what level the UI operates exactly (eg
> "there is one UI per environment; multiple UIs can be set up for each
> bloodhound installation by running multiple tracd's and/or VirtualHost's").

you could serve a whole env + product tree hierarchy at once . For
instance , we run sub-domain deployments of Bloodhound (e.g. . In that case :

  - there is a top level directory in the filesystem ...
  - ... containing sub-folders for each SLD (e.g. et al.)
  - ... and each env containing products mapped onto sub-domains

of course you could implement a different setup . The architecture
[1]_ is very flexible when it comes to deployment so it's virtually
impossible to document all the combinations and supported scenarios .
Nevertheless it might be a good idea to write tutorials for common
cases .

> I'll start a new thread for my other main issue to keep things clean here.



.. [1]


Olemis - @olemislc

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