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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject [ANN] TracGViz 1.4.2
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2013 19:04:46 GMT

After a long time of low activity I'm pleased to announce the release
of version 1.4.2 of TracGViz plugin [1]_ . It offers integration of
Trac and Apache™ Bloodhound with Google Charts API, amongst other

It's available for download from PyPI [2]_ and [8]_ .
The change log is really long. Please take a look at those pages.

Undoubtedly the most important enhancement has been the implementation
of a query engine aimed at being compatible with Google Charts query
language version 0.7 . There's still a lot of work to get there though
; beware of the differences [3]_ .

There are a few demos [7]_ in project wiki. We'll be adding more soon
(see below).

I'll be working towards version 1.4.3 [4]_ (due October 1st, 2013) and
1.5.1 [5]_ (due January 15th, 2014). Some of the immediate goals are :

  - Improved documentation
    * Illustrate how to render graphs offered by related charting plugins
      and known project analytics solutions
  - Implement a widgets library suitable for deployments behind firewalls
    * see an early preview of some demos here [6]_
    * ... and beware of the fact that atm this is WiP
  - Multiple repository support
  - Optimizations for Apache Bloodhound
  - Performance optimizations in data sources and query engine

Hope you like it. Happy hacking !

PS: It's not possible yet to create tickets in the issue tracker, at
least not until I finish working on OpenId auth and deploy it on that
site. Meanwhile , please, use trac-users@... mailing list to request
for support and report bugs, if any. I apologize if this causes any
trouble. I estimate this will be ready in the next one or two weeks.

.. [1]

.. [2]

.. [3]

.. [4]

.. [5]

.. [6]

.. [7]

.. [8]


Olemis - @olemislc

Apache™ Bloodhound contributor

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