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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Status of Bloodhound RPC plugin WAS: [RFC] Modify tracd for Bloodhound + RPC
Date Sat, 31 Aug 2013 05:41:25 GMT
I've been working on upgrading the test suite od Bloodhound RPC plugin
(a fork of Trac XmlRpcPlugin) . All the test cases written so far
succeed , which is a noteworthy indicator .

The tests are executed after installing BH from scratch . Access is
performed using XML-RPC over HTTP using digest authentication .

Nevertheless it's important to highlight that it's not possible (yet)
to use both RPC and trachacks:AccountManager login form running tracd
. Users interested on this feature are encourage to follow this ticket

Feedback is welcome .

In the next few days I'll be :

  - Updating and merging further tests for other RPC handlers
    * Report RPC
    * Timeline RPC
    * Version control RPC
  - Running the test suite using different
    * Protocols (JSON-RPC, AMF, Hessian, ...)
    * Auth mechanisms
    * DB backends

As a result I plan to obtain a detailed matrix highlighting what
features are supported for a given configuration.

I'll post further updates once I gather more test data .


Olemis - @olemislc

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