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From Pedro Estrela <>
Subject Re: Bloodhond Instalation and Configuration CentOS 6.4
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2013 15:37:31 GMT
You are right. I did all the instalation of bloodhound and trac as admin
user and I also didn't know that was as problem. Is there anyway to get
over this? The python-path on WSGIDaemonProcess is this



2013/7/25 Gary Martin <>

> Obviously it is a solution of sorts but I don't think it can be
> recommended so I would quite like to continue investigating how this might
> have happened if that is OK. Your setup may become confusing on the
> assumption that you wish to upgrade in the future.
> At the moment I suspect that you were attempting to have a virtualenv
> setup but at some point you installed packages as the admin user (or with
> sudo) by mistake. As the sqlparse package was missing, I think that may
> suggest that the python-path specified in the WSGIDaemonProcess is not
> correct.
> All suspicions so far of course.
> Cheers,
>     Gary
> On 25/07/13 15:44, Pedro Estrela wrote:
>> When i ran the tracd i didn't had any troubles.
>> I already fix this problem by manualy copy and past sqlparser to
>> /usr/lib/python2.6/site-**packages, although i had this folder on the
>> bloodhound project.
>> 2013/7/25 Gary Martin < <mailto:
>> gary.martin@wandisco.**com <>>>
>>     On 25/07/13 11:47, Pedro Estrela wrote:
>>         Hi,
>>         I'm new with Apache Web Server. I was told to install
>>         Bloodhound on CentOS, I did all steps in
>>         and also did the steps at
>> BloodhoundDetailedInstallation<>
>>         . I have some troubles at the
>> BloodhoundInstall#WebServer<>
>> .
>>         After the configuration of the Virtual Host and restart of
>>         apache i get this unhelpful error:
>>         "TracError: ImportError: No module named sqlparse"
>>         The weird part is that i have sqlparse module on the project.
>>         I already have search a lot on the web but i can't get any
>>         help to my problem. Can you help me or give me some guidelines?
>>         Thanks.
>>     It looks like sqlparse is one of the modules that is installed
>>     with the pip install -r requirements.txt command so I would
>>      expect you to have seen errors much earlier if it was missing. I
>>     would normally suspect that you are using the virtualenv as we
>>     suggest in the instructions but the webserver is not using the
>>     correct python environment as I expect that to be a relatively
>>     common issue.
>>     We could attempt to fix that but at this point I am not yet sure
>>     if that is the route of your problem.
>>     I don't suppose you could confirm that you do not see this problem
>>     when you run the tracd standalone server?
>>     Cheers,
>>         Gary

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