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From Matevž Bradač <>
Subject Re: multi-product components?
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2013 08:44:12 GMT
On 4. Jun, 2013, at 20:04, Tim Tisdall wrote:

> I see how to enter different products and I see how to enter components.  However, shouldn't
the components be dependent on a particular product?

Indeed they should be.

> For example, if I have products such as "database" and "game" and components "joystick
control" and "btree indexes".  When I create a ticket for the "game" product I don't think
I should be able to select "btree indexes".

You are correct - if the "btree indexes" component was created in the "database" product scope,
then it should
be available only there. Note however that a component with the same name can still be created
in another
Additionally, when you create a new product it is populated with the default components, milestones
so each newly created product gets the same set of initial values.

> Or am I not understanding the intended use of those categories?

Your understanding is correct, but from the questions above I'm assuming you're experiencing
some issues
with multiproduct. Could you describe the problem in more detail and if possible provide the
steps to
reproduce it? Thanks.

> -Tim


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