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From Tim Tisdall <>
Subject Re: Adding a git repository
Date Fri, 31 May 2013 18:13:59 GMT
Can you tell me what kind of value is stored in the $REV variable?  I guess
in SVN it's the revision number and for git it would be the revision hash?

On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 1:52 PM, Ryan Ollos <> wrote:

> On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 8:12 AM, Tim Tisdall <> wrote:
>> I'm new to both Bloodhound and Trac so am having a little bit of
>> difficulty fully understanding how things work.  I've had to try to piece
>> things together from a combination of the documentation but I'm a little
>> confused.
>> I've added "tracopt.versioncontrol.git.* = enabled" to [components]to be
>> able to add a git repository.  I then added a repo through the menus Apps >
>> Admin > Repositories.  I'm given a message that I should run 'trac-admin
>> $ENV repository resync "access_point"'  (which I did), but this seems to
>> be done automatically whether I run that command or not.
> I get the same result as you. Running the sync command is necessary for
> SVN, so I'll have to dig into whether or not that message is just an
> misleading artifact of the SVN support that isn't needed for Git.
>> I'm also told 'You should also set up a post-commit hook on the
>> repository to call trac-admin $ENV changeset added "access_point" $REV for
>> each committed changeset.'.  Here's where I'm having the problem...
>> My understanding is that Trac used to ping the repo on each page load to
>> see if a change occurred but that was changed to use a hook to reduce all
>> the unnecessary calls. (makes sense)  However, I tried committing a change
>> to the repo and it seems to have been reflected in the web interface
>> automatically.  So, is the default in Bloodhound to automatically ping the
>> repo on each page load because I haven't incorporated the hook yet?
> Yes, I believe so. It appears that you need to set
> `repository_sync_per_request = ` (i.e. set the parameter to an empty list)
> to disable the "pinging".
>>  As for adding the hook...  I have no idea what the $REV part of the
>> hook should be.  Is that actually an environment variable set by git?
>>  Also, the Bloodhound message said to add a hook to post-commit, but the
>> TracGit documentation mentions adding a post-receive hook.  I'm not really
>> sure how they differ with respect to Trac/Bloodhound's functionality.
> The SVN post-commit hook gets passed $REV, but I'm not sure about Git.
> There doesn't appear to be any documentation on how to do this. I'll do
> some investigation and get back to you in a few hours.

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