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From Joachim Dreimann <>
Subject Re: Query Builder (Search / Custom Query)
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2013 16:01:11 GMT
This is my suggestion for the Query Builder UI in Grid view / batch edit

I believe this reflects all the previous comments made on this, but I may
have missed something. Please let me know if I did and I will update it


On 1 March 2013 11:23, Gary Martin <> wrote:

> On 01/03/13 10:59, Andrej Golcov wrote:
>> I'm not clear on what this means in practice - I had the impression that
>>> both Amazon and (current) Bloodhound show the number of items found under
>>> the current constraints (query term, other facets) per facet.
>> Actually, Amazon search shows counts for Brands out of search scope.
>> For example, using your sample from url above, if you filter by
>> Sumsung brand, you see also other brands and counts. Ok, we are to
>> deep in technical details here.
> It is a good point though. The advantage of allowing this is that we get
> the ability to do or relations within each category but, unless there is
> some kind of shortcut to the information in whoosh, it would mean multiple
> searches.
> The ebay solution mentioned in Andrej's reply also shows another means to
> create the OR condition by providing a popup to show just one category of
> facets which would be a search that could be done on demand. They also do
> not bother with showing the number of results under each category except
> within the popup.
> I think I prefer the form that Joe proposes for giving more information
> but it may be worth compromising.
>>    - Number of products can be quite big and facet filter IMHO is not
>>>> the best way to filter product specific resource.  I would suggest
>>>> having an combo or dropdown with product selector. Something similar
>>>> to projects in**issues<>or
>>>> components" dropdown in amazon link that you provided. The product
>>>> selector can be  part of top navigation and used not only by search.
>>>>  Seems reasonable, although I would suggest that Chosen has a better
>>> Multi
>>> Select style:
>> +1.
> Looks good to me too.
>>    - search breadcrumbs:
>>>>     - What does link on "Search >" on the left of breadcrumb?
>>>>  http://[bloodhound]/search (incl current search box query)
>> Ack
>>      - I suppose that click on "Ticket >" link in the breadcrumbs resets
>>>> all filters except search box query? Does "Clear filters" link
>>>> duplicates the similar functionality?
>>>>  My thinking was actually that it removes all filters other than the
>>> one for
>>> Type.
>> I like how ebay represents search breadcrumbs, for example, check this
>> It is very clear that click on search breadcrumb deletes a particular
>> filter.
> This was closer to what I was thinking we would want but it could be
> duplicating the ability to delete a filter from the side menu. The current
> design is suggestive of a positional breadcrumb which may not be so
> appropriate here (though currently consistent with other uses).
>>    - I think about "View as" as a part of toolbar below of search
>>>> breadcrumb. The toolbar may include select all/none methods, batch
>>>> operations etc.
>>>>  Yep. Those options shouldn't be visible though unless they actually
>>> apply.
>>> See Gmail's batch operations buttons for inspiration.
>> +1
>>  - Will we support possibility to specify sorting in free text search
>>>> view?
>>> No - If our sorting of results isn't good enough for the majority of
>>> cases
>>> we should probably fix that before we ask users to figure it out for
>>> themselves.
>> Ok.
>> Just one note: grid view already supports sorting of columns similar
>> how it is done in Trac custom queries.
>> I think we can later provide kind of sort selector, at least for grid
>> view.
> Sounds good.
> Cheers,
>     Gary

Joe Dreimann
UX Designer | WANdisco <>
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