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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: [Trac-dev] Re: Trac internals' database simplification
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2013 21:47:37 GMT
cross-posting to blodhound-dev ML fyi . Please follow in trac-dev@...

On 3/5/13, Leho Kraav <> wrote:
>> + 1 for creating/adding a
>> DAL to Trac


>> I could imagine that doing a fundraising for the goal could raise some
>> money
>> for solving the human ressource problem.

Just count me in

IMO the following two major scenarios would have been much easier to
handle if an ORM would be handy :

  1. mult-product support
  2. run Trac with NoSQL DBs (e.g. MongoDB , CouchDB, ... )

so IMO it's about time to get rid of the SQL dependency .

JFTR we are using a kind of hand made ORM in Bloodhound and there's
also a way to make plugins use SQLAlchemy (plugin available @ t.h.o) .
We didn't move forward to using ORMs , DAO or such kinds of DAL
because Trac didn't in first place and it was very important for us
(at the time) to keep our core compatible with Trac's . So we
translated SQL queries under the hood , and so far looking good ...

> Maybe. Noone has attempted that yet.

We have . Before starting Bloodhound multi-product support we raised a
request in trac-dev (just take a look in ML archives if not already
deleted) focusing on two options :

  1. using DAO pattern
  2. use ORM technologies

there was no actual useful response from trac-dev , so we decided to
go our own way

> But Hans, which direction are you preferring. Porting Trac main modules ->
> let's say Django, or hack Trac's core framework up towards the giants.

I'd advocate using the second . Let's just choose the ORM ;)

> My spidey sense is telling me world doesn't really need yet another web
> framework. I think it would make (at least for business) sense to port the
> modules on top of bigger frameworks.

The foundations of Trac are rock solid .



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