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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: [Apache Bloodhound] #467: About page should include a link to Apache Bloodhound
Date Sat, 16 Mar 2013 20:55:01 GMT
On 3/16/13, Greg Stein <> wrote:
> How about leaving some TODO markers in the page via commit? Maybe
> somebody will follow up on that commit, and actually make the changes.
> Why should the marker be within a ticket, instead of the codebase
> itself? Again, if somebody goes to fix this, then they have
> double-work: make some commits, and make some ticket changes.
> The ticket system is entirely divorced from the codebase. Consider:
> community members can spend the next month handling tickets. Does that
> accomplish anything? Nope. Alternative: work within the actual
> product, making changes/notes as they are discovered.
> Cheers,
> -g

My quick opinion .

@gstein : u r indeed right . The gap between your proposed VCS-centric
approach and issue tracker-driven one resides in the fact that Trac
outside ASF will have repos browser integration and hooks .

If we had such things at the ASF , a single commit would be enough
because all that speech (or a relevant subset) would be written in the
commit message and a tiny «refs #XXX» would trigger Trac hooks handler
thus automatically creating one entry in all (may be many) referenced
tickets . So the single commit will do it all .

The big question is : may we have one such scenario deployed @ the ASF ?

if positive , then we would be able to do what you (@gstein) suggested
and keep track of it in the issue tracker ootb without any extra
effort .

otherwise , please let's figure out what to do ... but please I kindly
suggest not to spend much more time on this meta-subject than what
we'd spend coding , designing , ... our stuff .

@ryan : sometimes it's better to just commit and then ask if
appropriate . As a potential suggestion , I'd argue that there are
some situations where a bit of discussion is worthy :

  - Gathering consensus on relevant features , approaches
    to solve them, features with considerable impact on the
    architecture (e.g. DB schema , MP architecture,
    global vs product ... )
  - Changesets or patches triggering regressions
    (which would not be a subject of discussion if we had CI
    installed in place ;)
  - Reviews suggesting enhancements
  - most of the time a simple status change (review , needinfo)
    is more than enough
  - ... a few more *similar* situations


... just my ... well, I think its almost $3.00 and counting ;)



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