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From Olemis Lang <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1455576 - in /incubator/bloodhound/branches/bep_0003_multiproduct/bloodhound_multiproduct/multiproduct:
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2013 02:13:07 GMT
On 3/13/13, Branko ─îibej <> wrote:
> No. I'm not worried about Unicode *validation*, I'm worried about
> Unicode *normalization*.

Before I was obviously misunderstanding what you were saying .

>>> Database collations typically
>>> are not normalization-agnostic.
>> Yes u'r right ... Trac core takes care of that .
> Where?

... hence this is not accurate as I did not notice I was talking of
another thing .

> Only the second hit actually normalizes anything. Browsers, Javascript,
> etc. etc. do not care about normalization, so two people, e.g., one
> using Mac and another using Windows, can create a product with the tag
>     ungl├╝cklich
> and would get two different products with what appears to be the same
> prefix -- but with one in NFD form and the other in NFC form.

I'm hoping we can reproduce such scenario(s) in a test case ... based
on your experience do you think having two different OS will be the
only way to reproduce this situation ?

> If you insist this is up to trac-core,

No . Like I said in my previous message the initial proposal does not
touch anything in Trac core . It's about product prefix , so like I
already said BH is the target .

> then this needs to be fixed
> there; however, I'd expect such a fix to also require a database upgrade
> -- i.e., explicitly normalizing all such keys in existing databases.


> Of course that could lead to conflicts, but its better to resolve them
> by renaming the keys than by not doing the homework WRT Unicode
> normalization in the first place.

We shall see .

> FWIW, Subversion suffers from the same problem, and it's even harder to
> fix there, which is why I'm kind of sensitive to it.

... and you are right . Good you were around , otherwise that would
have been overlooked .



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