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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: Charter preparation
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2013 20:44:03 GMT
On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 3:25 PM, Branko ─îibej <> wrote:
> The resolution is mostly boilerplate, but the community must decide
> several things which have bearing on the resolution:
>   * The composition of the new PMC
>   * The proposed PMC chairman
> For the PMC, I propose that all current committers become PMC members
> when the project graduates. I also propose we adopt the "committer ==
> PMC member" model after graduation, as given the number of active
> developers, it makes little sense to maintain that artificial barrier. I
> also propose you invite the mentors onto the PMC.
> N.B., Subversion has the concept of "partial committer", i.e., a
> contributor with ASF committer status but whose commit rights are
> restricted to a branch or a specific area of the code (this restriction
> is not enforced via access control). It's IMO too early to complicate
> matters on this project by emulating this practice.

Yup. All sounds good.

> Regarding the PMC chair, given that a TLP no longer has mentors, it's
> usually a good idea at least initially to give the funny hat to someone
> who has a bit more mileage with the ASF. But that's by no means a
> requirement. All the PMC chair really does is submit reports to the board.

I think that I just heard a nomination for Brane to be PMC chair :-P

Seriously, though... this isn't much of a rule. Most VPs are not ASF
Members. I look at them more as "liaisons", and the parameters/needs
of that role are fairly easy to learn. So in that sense, any of the
existing PPMC members can be a candidate.

>> A quick look at the guidelines do not suggest that anything in
>> particular needs to be restricted to the private list but I will be
>> happy to accept advice on that.
> I see no reason to keep anything private, except for the actual
> invitations to the PMC, which I believe should remain private (i.e., on
> the private list) (Greg, I'd appreciate your insight on that topic).

I don't see anything that needs to be private right now.
(post-graduation: yeah, "people discussions" ought to remain private;
e.g. committer/PMC invitations)

We can take all current BH committers and put them onto the PMC
roster. Individuals can remove themselves.

If somebody has a desire to be the Chair, then I would recommend they
self-nominate. If we get more than one, then we discuss that on


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