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From Gary Martin <>
Subject Re: Query Builder (Search / Custom Query)
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 12:58:17 GMT
On 22/03/13 12:31, Andrej Golcov wrote:
> I'd like to share result of quick investigation I made on how other
> issue trackers implement the similar functionality:
>   - Jira - by default search globally with possibility of later project selection
>   - YouTrack - project selector for search is part of top navigation.
> "All projects" option is selected by default but user can change
> project before searching
>   - Redmine - search within project by default with possibility to
> select "All projects" later
> As you see, there is no common approach here :) We can introduce a
> setting whether the default search should be performed within product
> scope or globally and tune this later based on feedback from users.

Interesting. At the moment I would probably say that we want global 
search by default. This would probably imply that wiki links that are 
input which are duplicated in different projects would also not be 
automatically scoped so we would need to show the choices or a search 
page instead of going directly to them.

For instance a search for "#1" would now match across multiple products. 
There is a question over how frustrating that would be for those used to 
Trac but we should probably encourage users to use "BH-1" (or whatever 
syntax we agreed to) instead.

I'm not sure if I would add a setting to change this behaviour until 
feedback or experience suggested it is required.


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